Aliver Podiker

Owner & Operator of The Pillbug's Pantry


Appearance: Short, rotund, unattractive.
Personality: Cagey, suspicious, structured, over-complicates things.
Social: Bluff +7, Sense Motive +1.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Shoanti.
Aid: Craft (alchemy) +11, Craft (poison) +13, Knowledge (Nature) +8.
Topics: Herbalism, gardening, black market goods from Magnimar (DC 25).
Notes: Protective of his Sczarni friends. Drinks a few to many of his own potions.


Many shady deals have gone down at. Aliver Podiker operates the nondescript medicine and potion shop which is neatly disguised as a common residence. Podiker is an accomplished herbalist, gardener, and secret poisoner. Although he’s of mixed Chelish/Varisian blood, the Sczarni have taken to treating him as a full-blooded Varisian. While his primary source of income is from legitimate sales of medicine and potions, he maintains a healthy side-business selling poison (the worst kept secret in Sandpoint) to Sczarni locals as well. Before he’ll even admit to being a poison merchant, though, a potential customer first has to ask him, “Have any happy pillbugs turned up lately?”

Aliver Podiker

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