Shalelu Andosana

A Hinterlands Ranger



Appearance: Sharp features with a rugged demeanor.
Personality: Loyal, businesslike, resourceful, tough, often detached.
Social: Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Intimidate -1, Sense Motive +1.
Speaks: Common, Varisian, Elven, Goblin.
Aid: Appraise +1, Heal +1, Knowledge (nature) +8.
Topics: Goblin Tribes, Ameiko Kaijitsu.

Shalelu Andosana (pronounced sha-LEE-luu) is an elven ranger who makes her home in the wilds of central and western Varisia. Shalelu isn’t quite a bounty hunter, a survivalist, or a mercenary, but a mix of all three. The elven woman passes through town once or twice a season to buy supplies and never remains more than a few days, always staying at the same room at the Rusty Dragon free of charge. Near the end of each visit, she meets with Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deverin for a few hours at the garrison to give a report on the state of the hinterlands before she leaves town again, a pouch of gold at her side. Both Hemlock and Deverin value Shalelu’s reports, since they provide a non-biased insight into how the local farmlands are faring and keep the town council abreast of burgeoning dangers in the region.

Shalelu Andosana

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